David Regalado

Business Development

Originally from Mexico, I moved to San Antonio when I was about eleven years old. My father had found himself in a big lawsuit and we lost everything. It was very difficult to come to San Antonio and start from scratch.

I would say that my greatest accomplishment has been becoming a U.S. citizen after coming to the United States as an illegal immigrant. For so many years, we lived in the shadows, dreaming of having more. It was very difficult to go through that journey, wanting to be someone and wanting to have a voice, but couldn’t because you’re “illegal.”

Women are very strong, even when we don’t think we are. I think we are challenged every day, just by being a woman, whether it’s raising kids, going to school, working, trying to develop your own business. We are the foundation of the family. We are the ones who keep it all together.

Joe and I may share the business, but I’m the one who has to put the foot down when he’s at work and vice versa. This is the time for women to take it to the next step, to shine, and let other women know that we are more than capable of anything we set our minds to.

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